How to throw a fabuloso Latin baby shower!
We often get customers who ask us for ideas on throwing a Spanish baby shower, a Mexican baby shower or a Latin baby shower in general. Below are some of the suggestions that our staff, friends and comadres have made...
Latinos everywhere love color. So try to choose bright, primary colors for decorating.

The Table-
Use colorful tablecloths (red or orange) as a festive background for your Latin food. Mexican blankets, huipiles, or brightly colored fabric from your local fabric store are excellent examples.
Centerpieces can be as elegant and simple as a vase full of calla lilies, a flower that has a rich history in Latin America. Broad-leafed plants, such as hibiscus, in terracotta pots can lend a tropical feel. Or you can get creative and make one by filling a glass bowl with an assortment of lemons and limes and/or some tropical fruits like pineapples, mangoes and papayas.
Party stores often carry fiesta-themed tableware and decorations. But if you can make them
yourself, they add a personal touch and the event becomes more memorable.

The Room-
If papel picadois not available, cut paper is easy to make. Simply string together pieces of decorative tissue paper that you have artistically cut out. For instructions, check out this  web site.
Another popular decoration in Latin America is the crepe-paper flower made out of several sheets of tissue paper. Just cut the tissue paper into 12 inch squares, layer six or seven sheets of the paper and starting at one end, begin folding it back and forth in an accordion-like fashion. The folds should be about an inch or more wide. Use scissors to round the edges when done. Then, using a pipe cleaner, bind the center of the strip. Holding the base tightly, begin fluffing out all the different layers (starting with the bottom) until you have a big, beautiful flower!
Orange, lime-green, and yellow balloons and streamers can create a warm and festive atmosphere, but piñatas are a standard favorite - especially if you make them yourself! And you can fill them with small baby presents (pacifiers, nipples, booties, travel-sized lotion/soap, etc...) for the mama-to-be.

Baby presents can be placed in colorful, woven baskets and set around the room or on the table as party favors.
Your local craft shop, toy store, or zoo will carry bird plushes (stuffed toys) like toucans, parrots, or even a quetzal if you want to get really fancy! These can be hung around the room or placed in potted plants.
Sombreros can also be used in just about any manner you can think of - centerpieces, front door "wreath," serving platters, etc.
Other fun decorations include fans, shawls, hats, flags (of the guest of honor's nationality),maracas, spinning tops, guitars, jalapeños, and castanets.

Play some CDs of children's folksongs in Spanish or buy some salsa, merengue, tango, or whatever, depending on the invited guests. Or really splurge and hire a mariachi band to greet your guests or to finish off the afternoon's festivities!

Well, obviously, you should serve Latin dishes!
Our suggestions include: fruit drinks, such as limonadas or sangría (not for mami-to-be!), are always popular; a taco or burrito bar with all the fixin's makes for convenience; Mexican tamales or Venezuelan hallacas
; and finger foods, such as taquitos and guacamole, mini-quesadillas, flan or sopapillas are delicious and easy to make or purchase.

So many possibilities! Here are just a few games we came up with off the tops of our heads...

Word Match-
Make a list of baby related words (ie., bottle, diaper, etc.) and list them in column A, then, in random order, list their Spanish equivalents in column B. Have your guests try to match them.

Name Game-
Depending on the sex of the baby, have your guests write down as many Spanish names as they can think of (ie, Anna, Maria, Isabella, Mario, Guillermo, Monica, Antonio, etc.)

Baby Wrap-
In many Latin American countries, women often carry their babies on their backs using a shawl or rebozo. Provide your guests with a shawl and baby doll and see who is able to do it best!

For more Spanish baby shower game ideas, check out our blog here and look under baby shower games.

If you would like to share some great Latin shower ideas, send us an email
here, and place the word "Shower" in the subject line.


Here are some ideas presented by guests...
"Baby games in Spanish. Like crossword games in Spanish,
word search in Spanish or bingo in Spanish."
- Maria C.




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